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“To be the number one producer of NFC, pasteurised tropical fruit juices in Panama while being recognised at home and abroad for the quality of the products we offer.”


“We will focus on offering high quality natural fruit juices to our clients while adhering to our philosophy of profitability and social and environmental responsibility.”


Passion for our work
Customer service
Environmental and social responsibility

Our juices

Panama Fruit juices are 100% natural, never from concentrate and contain no additives, artificial flavourings or E numbers. While nature dictates that each individual fruit will have a different taste and flavour, our rigorous quality control procedures ensure that only the best fruit will be selected to produce our products.

Welcome to Panama Fruit!

Panama Fruit was founded in 2012 by a small group of entrepreneurs united by a single passion: to create the finest quality, not from concentrate (NFC), tropical fruit juices available on the market. Our simple philosophy lets the taste do the talking. We believe that freshly squeezed, natural fruit juice simply tastes better and, when you sample our products, we are sure that you will agree.

We think so highly of our delicious, locally grown fruit that we thought it deserved to be included in the name of our company, Panama Fruit. Our trust is placed in the enduring high quality of Panamanian fruit in order to ensure that our juices always taste great and don’t require anything extra added. We promise to stay loyal to these principles and that our juices will never be from concentrate. Just fresh, natural juices, all of the time.